Thursday, 30 August 2018

I'm back!

Hello there!

After a very long hiatus from blogging I'm back!

I am now the very proud owner of my Counselling diploma. It took 4 years of study. It was tough on many levels, but also amazing on just as many of those levels.

I'm now enjoying crafting again and finding new fabulous things to showcase here, including reviews and giveaways!

You will see great products for your pets and handmade creations that I find or make and want to show you.

I may also include some DIY/upcycling posts too because who doesn't love a transformation, right?

I really hope you will enjoy what is to come.

 Here's a photo of my best friend and I on graduation day!
I'm on the right.

I truly appreciate anyone reading this.
See you very soon.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Banana and coconut water dog treats!

Banana and Coconut water frozen treats.
Hi there!
I LOVE making my dogs healthy and fun treats. 
I thought I would share the recipe with you lovely people, in the hope some of you will make these for their awesome dogs!
you need:
 pure coconut water
Ripe chopped banana
ice cube tray
love for your dogs

  Fill the ice cube tray half way with coconut water, add the chopped 'nana and top up with the coconut water, so that the 'nana is all covered.
Set in freezer.
Once they are all set, give to your gorgeous dog/dogs and enjoy seeing them happy!
Captain and Levi (my dogs) loved these treats.
More simple, cute dog treat recipes to follow!