Friday, 9 May 2014

Banana and coconut water dog treats!

Banana and Coconut water frozen treats.
Hi there!
I LOVE making my dogs healthy and fun treats. 
I thought I would share the recipe with you lovely people, in the hope some of you will make these for their awesome dogs!
you need:
 pure coconut water
Ripe chopped banana
ice cube tray
love for your dogs

  Fill the ice cube tray half way with coconut water, add the chopped 'nana and top up with the coconut water, so that the 'nana is all covered.
Set in freezer.
Once they are all set, give to your gorgeous dog/dogs and enjoy seeing them happy!
Captain and Levi (my dogs) loved these treats.
More simple, cute dog treat recipes to follow!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Homemade natural dog toothpaste!

I love my dogs so much and I want them to be here with me for as long as possible, which is why I feed mostly a raw meat and bones diet to them.
 This diet helps both their health and wellbeing and is great for their teeth too.
I'm not always perfect though and do give my Chihuahua boys a "nice nice" which is basically a kong filled with yummy cooked treats like quinoa, sweet potato, sweetcorn, cooked really depends on the day, oh and they also get a quail egg once a week.
I also sometimes give them something very naughty like a crisp or some biscuit :(
So I am not perfect and because of this some tartar started to build on their perfect teeth, oh no!
Once I got over my guilt I thought about how I must get to brushing their teeth again but I didn't want to use a tube of dog toothpaste that I had no idea what on earth it contained, so I decided to make my own.

I looked on the Internet and it seemed to be that bicarbonate of soda and oil was the main ingredient in homemade toothpaste for dogs.
The link below is the recipe I followed.
It gives you a rough guide on amounts, so eyeball it to get a nice consistency that looks/feels right.

Here are the ingredients.
bicarbonate of soda
coconut oil
Also boiled water
My dogs hate having their teeth brushed but it is so important for their health, unless you only feed raw meat and bones.

Dog's mouths are more alkaline which encourages plaque build up.
Plague builds on teeth, which is unhealthy bacteria and that bacteria can go into major organs in the body and cause all kinds of issues to the kindneys and heart, yikes.
Clenaing your dog's teeth can make them live longer!